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Taking a Break in Munich

1 Week At Home before the Craziness Starts Again

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This week has been a boring week for the purpose of this travel blog. Before hitting the road and being gone 3 weeks out of 4 in March, I've had a week in Munich just to work, relax, work out and meet friends. I'm not sure if it was relaxing, because I've had a lot to catch up on in my private life, but it sure was easier to digest all of this while at home and in bars with friends instead of being trapped alone in a hotel room. It snowed here on Thursday which didn't stop me to bike to work (30 min). I've really started to love bike riding, I pretty much always bike to work now. Munich is so beautiful, if you haven't visited already, you definitely should come visit one day.

So tomorrow I'm off to London! Decided to fly in a day early to visit the British Museum. So not me by the way, but I ran by the British Museum last time I was in London and remembered how me and my Dad visited the Ancient Egyptian exhibition. I was a really great geeky fan of Ancient Egypt when I was a kid, so decided to go down memory lane tomorrow. Back to Munich on Tuesday evening and then flying out again to Luxembourg for my monthly visit on Thursday.

See ya.

My beautiful Munich Winter Wonderland

A night out with Les Grande Dame de Amazon (I'm the youngest with "only" 7.5 years of employment)

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My Crazy 2015 Travel Stats

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I really like the planner and the stats on Travellerspoint. It doesn't seem to be 100% accurate (at least I have no idea how I was able to travel for 528 days in 2015...), but apart from that I proudly(?) present my crazy travel stats of 2015 (mostly because I can't believe I was able to pull this off):

Total distance travelled: 124,443 km / 76,086 miles
Countries visited: 13 countries
Distance travelled: 3.1x around the world

  • Austria (5x): Austria is Munich's playground for snowboarding in the winter & hiking in the summer :)
  • Canada (1x): Visited my relatives in Kelowna after a business trip to Seattle
  • Egypt (1x): Kitesurfing vacation in March
  • France (2x): Paris! No l'amour, but vendor meetings at the Paris bookfair and our office in Clichy
  • Italy (2x): Again for work, I was at the Turin Book Fair in the spring and then in Milan during the winter.
  • Luxembourg (11x): Yeah, this definitely must be some kind of record. It would have been 12x if I hadn't gotten sick in December...
  • Mexico (1x): 1 week in Playa del Carmen for a wedding in December!
  • Netherlands (1x): A weekend with my friends Coralie & Hector
  • Norway (1x): New Year's trip with my friend Andi and her flight attendant colleagues -- First time in Scandinavia!!
  • Spain (2x): Managed the impossible in Madrid & Barcelona and onboarded vendors for our business in lightening speed! Also met my Catalan host family for the first time again in 10 freaking years!!!
  • United Arab Emirates (1x): Visited my brother & wife for a long weekend in Dubai together with my best friend:)
  • United Kingdom (5x): So many vendor meetings! And the London bookfair:) I love my UK team
  • United States (4x): Seattle, Seattle, Seattle...and then for Thanksgiving with my family near Washington, DC. One of the Seattle trips my friend Riyo and I also visited Portland the weekend after (great city!)

My full map of 2015 trips can be found here:

Snowboarding in Austria:

Host family reunion after 10 years in Barcelona:


Kitesurfing in Egypt:

Hiking in the Alps with my friend Stephan:



Family Time in Washington, DC:

And last, but not least: One of my proudest moments in 2015;)

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Time flies

Wow, can't believe it's already 2016 and I travelled the world 3x last year. In general I can't believe I've been pulling this off since 3 years now. I wonder when I'll get tired of it...I already don't always enjoy it, but I've learnt to take my breaks in between and at the moment I am really loving it. It's Saturday morning and I'm at home in Munich, watching a movie on my Fire TV and just chilling. I was in Paris this week, just an overnighter to meet 2 vendors of mine - We went for dinner with one and had a little too much wine as usual. I stayed in a stylish hotel with lots of weird white bunnies (Lapin Blanc) and only realized the next morning that it was right next to La Sorbonne. These small details make me really happy and appreciate my life - I read a biography about Marie Curie when I was a teenager and La Sorbonne stuck in my head, so seeing it all of a sudden definitely was something special to me.

The other travels this year have been great too. My first trip was to London for another overnighter. I had tried to meet up with 1-2 friends in the evening, but no one had time, so I went to my favorite Japanese Ramen place around the corner of my hotel. It's called Cocoro and if you ever go in you'll probably wonder why I love it so much, but I guess it's just the "nothing special" homey place feeling it a city which is not mine. One of the difficult things of being on the road all the time is not having the feeling of belonging anywhere, so when I'm able to establish a routine in the places I go to more frequently, that always feels good.


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A lazy Summer Day in...Munich!

Home sweet home(?) after weeks of traveling

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I've been back home in Munich since Tuesday (arrived from Seattle) and just been spent a wonderful warm Saturday summer day at home and in my quarter. I live in one of Munich's most popular hipster areas smack bam in the city center, so it is pretty easy for me to go outside and be at a place full of life and opportunities to window shop straightaway.

Since I started the new job, I haven't really spent a lot of time at home since...often just a couple of days and never more than 10 days. This time I'm here for a week, wohoo! However I notice that I have already gotten used to all this traveling, I will be happy to hit the road again next Wednesday. Weird isn't it? My mother told me yesterday that in my situation coming home can often be a come-down, but I told her with my amount of traveling surely not...now after 4 days at home I sheepishly have to admit that she might have a point...oh well, nothing I can do about this now, so might as well be happy that I enjoy traveling so much! It will not always be like this, I reckon that my job will change within the next 6 months. But who knows.

Sorry this is a rambling post, more interesting for me than for anyone out there reading this. But maybe one of you knows how conflicted I sometimes feel.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend wherever you are! Leave a message if you feel like it.



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The Turin Book Fair

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I was really excited to fly to Turin. I've only been to Italy twice and both times were to Lago di Garda, the Italian Mallorca of the Germans...so that doesn't really count IMHO.

So what is there to say about my Turin stay:

  1. 1 The Hotel Terrace
I arrived at the airport, took a cab into town and went straight to the hotel to work until my colleague from Milano arrived in the afternoon. We sat on the beautiful hotel terrace and prepared our book fair meetings for the next day. Not only was it exciting to be in Turin for the first time, I was about to meet a bunch of agencies for the first time and negotiate with them. And that in an industry which was new to me.

  1. 2 Arrival of the One & Only Travel Buddy
And I'm lucky enough to work with friends, so who else was about to arrive the same afternoon? My travel buddy and best friend Maura! Still can't believe how often we've been able to pull this off this year:D

  1. 3 The Fair:
Wow, so after the fair I felt so grown-up and like a real business woman!:D We were in the rights section of the fair, basically just a bunch of tables for people to have meetings. No music, no books, no distractions, just meetings. So wonderful. Fairs usually are so tiring because of all the background noises and distractions and the heat. My Italian business partner Ale had organized a bunch of 30 min meetings with various agencies for me. I hadn't met with any of them previously and it really felt like speed negotiation-dating! I learnt a lot about negotiating that day, how you deliver the message and get what you want really depends on whom you're dealing with. And you definitely need to have your own style and stay true to yourself. I love it.

  1. 4 Turin:
Gelato gelato gelato!!! Yes, it is true, the best icecream is in Italy. And gelato and icecream are two different things:

Ice Cream vs Gelato: What's The Difference?

Also, if Turin is supposed to be one of the uglier industrial cities of Italy, then I definitely need to go see more of this country ASAP:

Travel Recommendation? YES

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